Possum locked out but determined to get back in.

Possum invasion at Student Accommodation in Indooroopilly

An Indooroopilly  accomodation complex has had six possums evicted (so far) from both levels.  The building, partly new, had possum entry points all over the place.  Between floors, on roof and even the soffit.  Six possums,  have been trapped, so far, and removed from the complex.  The  Possum traps have gone quiet at the moment […]

just in time

Death Trap for Possums

This is the gruesome discovery i made at a Kelvin Grove home in Brisbane.  The tenants had reported scratching sounds coming from behind the closed in fireplace.  I lowered my camera down the chimney and discovered a small dehydrated brushtail looking into the lense.  The tenants reported that the scratching hadn’t been heard for a day […]


Golfers Balls

This was a new one for me.  The sunshine coast client reported noises in the roof above the TV.  After inspecting all the usual possum entry places I happened upon two holes in the roof tiles.  One was clearly the possum entry point as it had fur caught on the tiles.  I was a little […]