Mums cooking smells funny

Mums cooking smells funny

  The only good rat is a dead rat.  This stinky fella died in the wrong place though.  The owners of this kitchen in Salisbury, Brisbane were not able to locate the source of the wretched stench.  And no wonder.  I had to pull the oven to pieces to get to it.  Shocking experience for […]


Pizza Oven Possum

  Doing a possum proofing job in Chapel Hill, Brisbane and upon release this cute little fella decided that since he can’t live in the owners house anymore he may as well take up residence in the pizza oven.  Dont worry he didn’t stay there long.  Possum are not fond of being on the ground […]


Shorncliffe pigeon problem

Sometimes working on a roof can actually be enjoyable.  Not often, but when the view is as beautiful as this one well one has to take a moment and enjoy.  The residence of Shorncliffe do have quite a problem with the feathered rats of the sky.  Some of the homes I saw on the esplanade […]