Not working efficiently

New record at Hendra home

I caught and destroyed 48 pigeons from the Pring st, Hendra home.  You can imagine the mess under and on top of the panels.  This was a particularly bad infestation.  The amount of poo removed was phenomenal.  My advice, get your panels proofed on installation.  


Baby Possum reunited with mum

UQ st Lucia.  This litte cutey was locked out of trap when mum was caught.  Dont panic, i was able to re unite the pair and they were released healthy.  Soooo cute.

Jagera Hall West End

Dodgy possum proofing doesn’t hold up @jagera hall, West End

Pics show some of the dodgy possum proofing I came across at the Jagera Hall in Cordelia st, West End.  So far I’ve removed 4 possums.  Possum proofing needs to be strong, installed correctly and of the correct materials.  This effort was never going to stand the test of time.  Beyond this there were also […]