Bird Proofing and Nest Removal

pigeon-203x203The most common problem

Feral Pigeons(Columba livia domestica) are probably the most common bird problem in and around Brisbane, Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast.

These pigeons are mass nesting as they are a community flocking bird.  Often building nests on window ledges, air conditioners, under solar panel arrays, protected gutters, roof voids, down pipes just about anywhere that will provide a little shelter.  Pigeons breed when the food supply is abundant enough to support egg development, which in cities and suburban areas around Brisbane, Caboolture and sunshine coast can be any time of the year.

Pigeon poo is acidic and causes much damage to buildings, cars, statues, roofs, solar arrays, walls, air conditioner units…  etc.  Nest sites in gutters and on roofing cause corrosion, flooding, contamination and fire hazards. They also increase the risk of disease and parasite transmission between feral, domestic and seabird populations and they attract rodents.

Bird mites are common in feral pigeons.  Mites feed on the blood of chicks and once the chicks ‘fly the coup’ the mite infestation will leave the nest site in search of food.  For a small insect they travel at remarkable speeds, spreading through ceilings in no time.  They drop down light fittings, cracks windows etc.  VERY UNPLEASANT!  click here to see some footage of mites.

Of course Pigeons aren’t the only bird problem encountered in our region.  (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Caboolture).  Indian minor birds and swallows seem to burden a lot businesses and people in our region.  Indian Myna birds can be shot and trapped but swallows have to be dealt with proofing.