possum lampshade

Possum invades home through chimney

This brush tail possum came through the chimney of a mitchelton home in Brisbane.  He or she had let curiosity get the better them and whilst snooping around, as possums do, fell down the chimney flue and was discovered looking out of the glass fronted wood burner. The owner opened the door and out it […]


Common Possum entry points.

        These are some pictures of common possum entry points found on houses and buildings in and around the Brisbane area.

Rat faeces in the ceiling of a Brisbane home

Rats in the Ceiling of Brisbane home

  Rats and Possums can make very similar noises whilst moving about in your ceiling.  A lot of clients have proclaimed “i’ve got possums in the ceiling” and it turns out to be Rats!  Then again a lot of clients have proclaimed “i’ve got rats in the ceiling” and its turned out to be Possums.  I […]