Possum in Narangbah home.

look at the staining caused by the comping and going of a brush tail possum.  A one way door is installed over the entry point.  The possum will pass through on his/her regular night out of foraging and socialising and not be able to get back in. LOCKED OUT!  


Baby Possum reunited with mum

UQ st Lucia.  This litte cutey was locked out of trap when mum was caught.  Dont panic, i was able to re unite the pair and they were released healthy.  Soooo cute.

Cute but not welcome unless potty trained!

Possum in Garage at Caboolture home

How can such a cutie leave so much mess?  This little brush tail was pooping and peeing all over the verandah of this Caboolture home.  The owners had tried everything from hosing her down to ultra sonic deterrents.  Nothing worked because the possum had found a good home in behind the beams and good homes […]

The Verminmobile

The Verminmobile

The new Verminmobile is decked out and ready to service Caboolture, Brisbane and The Sunshine coast for all your pest control needs.  

showing why strong proofing is the only way to go.

Highgate Hill Hell

This was one of those jobs.  After discovering entry points in all the usual places, (gable overhangs) i thought i had this one pegged.  So i’ve closed all the possum entry points and set the traps, removed two fat possums and thought to myself, ‘Job well done, onwards’ Then a couple of days later I […]

just in time

Death Trap for Possums

This is the gruesome discovery i made at a Kelvin Grove home in Brisbane.  The tenants had reported scratching sounds coming from behind the closed in fireplace.  I lowered my camera down the chimney and discovered a small dehydrated brushtail looking into the lense.  The tenants reported that the scratching hadn’t been heard for a day […]


Golfers Balls

This was a new one for me.  The sunshine coast client reported noises in the roof above the TV.  After inspecting all the usual possum entry places I happened upon two holes in the roof tiles.  One was clearly the possum entry point as it had fur caught on the tiles.  I was a little […]

possum lampshade

Possum invades home through chimney

This brush tail possum came through the chimney of a mitchelton home in Brisbane.  He or she had let curiosity get the better them and whilst snooping around, as possums do, fell down the chimney flue and was discovered looking out of the glass fronted wood burner. The owner opened the door and out it […]


Common Possum entry points.

        These are some pictures of common possum entry points found on houses and buildings in and around the Brisbane area.