Not working efficiently

New record at Hendra home

I caught and destroyed 48 pigeons from the Pring st, Hendra home.  You can imagine the mess under and on top of the panels.  This was a particularly bad infestation.  The amount of poo removed was phenomenal.  My advice, get your panels proofed on installation.  

The Verminmobile

The Verminmobile

The new Verminmobile is decked out and ready to service Caboolture, Brisbane and The Sunshine coast for all your pest control needs.  


Shorncliffe pigeon problem

Sometimes working on a roof can actually be enjoyable.  Not often, but when the view is as beautiful as this one well one has to take a moment and enjoy.  The residence of Shorncliffe do have quite a problem with the feathered rats of the sky.  Some of the homes I saw on the esplanade […]

This becomes very hard to remove and quite dangerous also

Pigeons under solar panels cause damage

This is part of the mess I found under a Newmarket home in Brisbane.  The pigeons had been left to breed and roost under the solar array for too long and the amount of decal build up was severe.  It took me nearly four hours just to clean this mess. Cleaning under the panels is […]

Pigeons nest under solar

Pigeons Nest under solar panel array.

The owners of this Brisbane home report the pigeons had only been hanging around for a couple of weeks.  Left alone in a years time this site would be one giant mass of pigeon crap.