Possum Problems

Brush tail possum living in Petrie's School of Arts building.

Brush tail possum living in Petrie’s School of Arts building.

Humane and permanent possum removal, possum trapping and possum proofing in and around Brisbane, Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast.

Possums are cute and cuddly until they decide to reside in your home. Always very noisy, possums also deposit remarkable amounts of urine and feces. Possums can damage electrical and tv cables in your ceiling and the urine can seep through plaster, staining the ceiling paint and stinking up the room.  VJ ceilings can lead to urine deposits just about anywhere eewe!.  The problem is not so much the possum/s its the entry point they have found into your ceiling.  There are so many possums in and around Brisbane, Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast that should you have a hole somewhere its pretty certain a Brushtail possum will find it and take up residence in your home.

The solution

Proofing and eviction. Possum proofing and possum removal needs to be done correctly and thoroughly. Its imperative that all the entry points are found and closed.  If you can squeeze a tennis ball through an opening chances are a possum can get in.

Possums cannot be moved more than 25m from where they’ve been trapped and so when released they will go straight to  find any missed entry points.  They do not sit around all night discussing politics and watching TV.  Possums are strong, tenacious and very good climbers. Possums can squeeze through small holes and contort themselves in remarkable ways.  Possums can hang from their prehensile tails  leaving their hands and feet to access seemingly inaccessible entry points ie. a hole in a soffit.

Once a possum has taken up residence in your home  they become very attached to the safe dry environment  provided and will try very determinedly to get back in after eviction. Thats why when we possum proof a home or business we use appropriate materials and techniques.  NO chicken wire.  NO corrosive screws.  We respect your home as we hope you will appreciate our workmanship.

All our possum proofing comes with a 2 YEAR Warranty, unless otherwise stated.

If you require possum removals, possum trapping or possum proofing in Brisbane, Caboolture or Sunshine Coast areas, please don’t hesitate to give Simon a call.

One of our experienced technicians will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your premises for all entry points. That’s roof, gutters, eves, walls, under house and between floors. Possums can be sneaky little buggers but we know where to look!
  • Provide excellent possum proofing by blocking those entry points with appropriate, quality materials (beware of possum proofers bearing chicken wire!!)
  • Make sure there is no POSSUMABILTY of re entry. If they get back in we didn’t do our job properly.
  • Place traps in your ceiling and monitor until all possums have been removed (most cases 1 or 2 nights)
  • Provide you with a written 2 year warranty on all works performed
  • Treat your property with the respect it deserves

Get a good night sleep and rest knowing that its IMPOSSUMABLE for these nocturnal party animals to re-enter your home.

What to Ask

Some questions you should ask before engaging a possum proofer:

1. Are you sure it’s possums and not rats? People often hear noises in their roof, see possums in the trees or on power lines outside and naturally assume it to be possums. This is not always the case and an unscrupulous operator may charge you for possum proofing that you don’t need. Ask to see pictures. We are always documenting our jobs and are happy show you and to forward all the pics taken of entry points for evidence of possums or rats and mice.

2. Are you licensed and insured? It is illegal to trap possums without the correct permits. The Department of Environment and Resource Management only issue permits after rigorous scrutiny of qualifications and experience. Engaging any tradesmen or contractor without the appropriate insurance is foolhardy. We are fully covered by Rapid Solutions, who specialise in the pest control industry.

3. What materials will you be using? A corrosive screw inserted into a bit of chicken wire really isn’t up to the task. You will have a short term result but possums are tenacious creatures, always on the prowl for a better home. We have filmed them spending many hours trying to break back into there recent home. They’re strong, agile and don’t sit around watching tv all night.

4. What sort of warranty are you offering? What exactly does it cover. What if you’ve missed an entry point and the possums get back in? If our inspection hasn’t found all the entry points then we haven’t done our job properly. New entries due to degrading of the structure or damage caused by nature or other obviously cant be for seen and wouldn’t be covered in any warranty. We guarantee our workmanship and pledge to honour our warranties. In today’s world word of mouth is everything.

NOTE: It is illegal to move possums more than 25 meters from where they were trapped. This is because of the territorial nature of the creatures. So if they are placed in an unfamiliar environment, out of their own territory, not knowing where to locate food, water and shelter, they tend to get beat up by other possums guarding their territory and generally have been found to perish! If your possum man simply wants to trap and relocate the animal then you won’t have solved your problem and you’ve probably condemned the possum to die! If the entry points aren’t located and closed, another possum will soon follow the existing scent trails and move in!

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